Sunday, January 30, 2011


I am the younger child out of 2 and personally i feel there is more advantages to being the older sibling! They get to sit in the front seat, they get to do everything first, and they get the most freedom! I am not saying that younger children don't have advantages, but i believe that older children have more! Younger kids do get most of the attention, but while the younger child is being praised or yelled at, the older child gets to go take her car out and go have fun. I don't think it is very fair. But hey , life isn't fair, as far as everyone says. i bet my sister would entirely disagree with this blog, but i don't care, it is the truth!
I guess that i can have a better middle and high school time by learning from my older sisters mistakes. A couple of things that i have learned from her is not to spend to much time on the computer, get your permit the day you turn 15 and a half, and use note cards for studying. Thanks for all the lessons.

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